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Here you find our classic meals, but not seasonal specials

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Plant Based & vegetarian

rainbow bowl wien

Rainbow Bowl

Warm sweet potatoes in Coconut-Lentils, red beet hummus, broccoli, red cabbage, edamame, red beets, spinach, quinoa, thai-peanut dressing

yuna bowl wien

Yuna Bowl

avocado, sweet potatoes, mango, carrots, cucumber, cashews, spinach, rice, pomegranate, mint, coconut flakes, miso dressing
oriental bowl wien

Oriental Bowl

classic humus, avocado, chickpeas, carrot, red beets, red cabbage, spinach, bulgur, mint, pomegranate tahini dressing
tofu wien

Tofu and the Jungle

marinated tofu, red beet humus, edamame, sprouts, radish, spinach, bulgur, pomegranate, mint, tahini dressing

Tofu Noodle Bowl

marinated tofu, mango, edamame, cucumber, arugula, udon noodles, peanuts, pomegranate, chili, spicy mayo

Avocado Noodle Bowl

avocado, red cabbage, carrots, sprouts, arugula, udon noodles, sunflower seeds, mint, miso dressing
paradise salad wien

Paradise Salad

sweet potatoes, sprouts, broccoli, red cabbage, peanuts, lettuce, thai-peanut-dressing
feta walnut salad wien

Feta & Walnut Salad

walnuts, feta, red beets, edamame, spring onion, lettuce, Balsamico dressing


crazy peanut wien

Crazy Peanut

sweet potatoes, chicken, avocado, edamame, broccoli, quinoa, spinach, peanuts, chili, thai-peanut dressing

Angry Chicken Noodle Bowl

chicken, mango, edamame, cucumber, spring onion, peanuts, udon noodles, spinach, chili, fried onion, spicy mayo

Funky Fumusu Bowl

chicken, classic humus, mango, red cabbage, edamame, sprouts, spinach & arugula, rice, pomegranate, miso dressing
chicken meets gin wien

Chicken meets Gin

avocado, chicken, edamame, spring onion, sprouts, quinoa, cashews, lettuce, gin-basil dressing
oaxaca bowl wien

Oaxaca Bowl

avocado, chicken, jalapeños, beans & corn, spring onios, tortilla chips, rice, lettuce, gouda cheese, tahini dressing


Mama Mango

salmon, avocado, mango, edamame, sprouts, radish, quinoa, spinach, pomegranate, misi dressing & wasabi mayo

Guacamole & Salmon

salmon, guacamole, seaweed salad, edamame, sprouts, ginger, spring onion, peanuts, thai-peanut dressing, spinach, rice, spicy mayo
nanami bowl wien

Nanami Bowl

salmon, avocado, seaweed salad, edamame, cucumber, red cabbage, radish,  spinach, coriander, rice, wasabi mayo & tahini dressing


Spicy Chicken Wrap

chicken, gouda cheese, beans & corn, spinach, chili, coriander, jalapenos, rice, spicy mayo

Sweet Potato & Feta Wrap

sweet potatoes, red beet humus, spinach, red cabbage, feta, quinoa, tahini dressing
nanami bowl wien

Vegan Avocado Wrap

humus, avocado, spinach, red beets, red cabbage, sunflower seeds, parsley, rice, tahini dressing